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  • Full IT Service since 1983

  • My IT is up
    and running.

  • My IT is up
    and running.

  • My IT is up
    and running.

  • My IT is up
    and running.

  • My IT is up
    and running.

Are you looking for a competent partner to set up your IT infrastructure? Or are you looking for a new IT partner to maintain or upgrade your existing infrastructure? Then you have come to the right place with DIAGNOSDATA. We offer full IT service for SME since 1983.
Analysis / Consulting

DIAGNOSDATA specializes in IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a size of 5 to 50 employees. With our in-depth knowledge of operational processes and technology requirements, we analyse your IT needs and suggest appropriate solutions based on a reasonable investment volume. Whenever possible, we offer scalable system solutions that can easily be adapted to meet growing or shrinking IT needs. In this way, we increase the potential of your systems and keep the investment costs within limits.

Our full IT service includes the analysis of your IT infrastructure, the implementation of the optimal solution including training and long-term support.


DIAGNOSDATA provides all services related to the IT equipment of SMEs. These include installation and maintenance of hardware, software, networks and security. After careful analysis, we develop a specific, appropriate solution for the individual customer and implement it within the shortest possible time. We work with selected partners and use only products with which we have had the best experience to date.

For employee training, we provide the necessary training program in cooperation with our customers.

With our focus on a regional sphere of activity (approximately a 35 km radius around Cham, ZG) we guarantee maximum flexibility and fast access to a broad network of relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and partners.


In addition to analysis, consulting and implementation, DIAGNOSDATA's full IT service also includes long-term system administration and maintenance. This is done centrally or on-site. Our specialists are available for short-term assignments as well as for the complete outsourcing of your entire IT infrastructure. Through continuous monitoring of your systems, we guarantee highest performance and security standards.

Support overview


For time-limited IT projects it is often difficult to find suitable IT professionals. That's why you can "rent" employees from us. Our Human Outsourcing is a form of temporary "bodyleasing". You are not required to cover expenses such as insurance payments or the tedious search for a suitable employee. When outsourcing human resources you determine the type of deployment, duration and location of our IT specialist; we'll take care of the rest.


Voice over IP, or simply put, Internet telephony, is not a new technology and has been offered by DIAGNOSDATA for some time.

In order to offer our customers optimised and complete solutions, we work together with 3CX. DIAGNOSDATA is a certified provider of this established manufacturer of software-based telephony systems. In combination with a good telephone provider, the user has all the options of modern telephony available:

  • Easy installation and easy administration via a web-based configuration interface
  • Increased productivity through targeted call routing, desktop-based call and extension management
  • No separate cabling thanks to the use of existing network infrastructure
  • Mobility, so employees can work remotely via a remote configuration
  • Vendor independence and a wide range of SIP phone hardware
  • Receive and conduct calls over analogue telephone lines via VoIP gateway
  • Low call costs via SIP-based VoIP service or WAN connections

In short, our 3CX solutions are not only more powerful, but also far less expensive than hardware-based PBXs.


Many companies are using valuable resources for managing and archiving their documents. As an IT full-service provider, it is our job to show our customers ways and means for system and process optimisation.

Today, all business records, including signed agreements and contracts, can be filed digitally using an electronic document management system (DMS). Thus, the last hurdles to a fully digital workplace have fallen.

In order to be able to competently accompany our customers on the way to a paper-poor office, we work closely with the Swiss software manufacturer Kendox. Whether the use of an electronic document management system pays off in individual cases, is analyzed in a preliminary, non-binding evaluation.


The installation of local networks through the combination of hardware components and the connection of various non-local networks via mobile access is the core business of DIAGNOSDATA.

With Internet-based telephony - Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - you use the same infrastructure for phoning as for data exchange. Company locations, field staff and home offices can be combined in one network. Within this network, all calls are free. Regardless of location, every employee can be reached via the same telephone number.

For remote offices and mobile users, we set up non-local or virtual private networks (VPN).


DIAGNOSDATA sets up the physical IT infrastructure for companies with 5 - 50 employees. This includes individual workstations as well as all peripheral devices such as monitors, printers or external drives.


DIAGNOSDATA is your partner for virtualization solutions. Today, modern, high-performance servers allow you to virtualize the functions of different servers and combine them into one device. This simplifies your IT infrastructure, saving you space, hardware and energy.

DIAGNOSDATA is a Microsoft partner, our employees are Microsoft certified. If you require industry-specific software such as ERP, for example, we will be pleased to advise you regarding available products and recommend a suitable software partner for you.


In case of emergency, we are also available outside of our opening hours. Every day, around the clock. Please leave a message on our mailbox so that your emergency call can be forwarded to our standby phone.

Opening hours:

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